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Single Review: Brendyn Kyle - "Raised Up 'Round Here"

Brendyn Kyle Strikes a Chord With His Single, "Texas Weather"




Brendyn Kyle is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Sweetwater, Texas. Being born into a family of musicians almost guaranteed his love for music from the start. Watching family member’s live shows with the performances ranging from the “Outlaw Country” of Merle Haggard in honky-tonks to Christian hymns in the church; no doubt inspired Brendyn and the songs he writes today.

As a little boy, he would sing for the family every chance he had using a broomstick for a guitar. It wasn’t until a Summer stay with his grandparents that Brendyn first started to learn chords on his grandfather’s Fender- those first few chords soon became a hobby that would grow into a real passion and career.

Brendyn Kyle


Raised Up Round Here
Texas Weather
Texas Friday Night (Live)
Red Headed Woman (Live)

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