Single Review: Brendyn Kyle - "Raised Up 'Round Here"


"Raised Up 'Round Here"

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When the music bug bites you, you can’t get enough of it. However, when you discover “your” music rather than what you grew up on, the bug bites you harder and you are hooked.

That is what Sweetwater, Texas native Brendyn Kyle experienced when he first discovered the “Red Dirt” sound. Since then, Kyle has taken listeners on a journey through his own relatable songs that all fit snuggly within the red dirt sound that influenced him. 

His latest release, “Raised Up ‘Round Here,” continues that trend.

Kyle describes what it’s like growing up “’round here” as it being the type of small-town place that makes you wonder if the grass is truly greener on the other side, prompting you to leave everything behind - including your first love - to go and find out.

However, as much as he’s trying to find something better than what he’s known his entire life, what he quickly discovers is that everything he wants is right there in the one place that he thought he needed to leave.

He uses the chorus like an atlas of all the places he’s been to – California, Texas, every mile high city – only to lead us to the hook where he reveals “Guess I went around the world looking for a girl that was raised up ‘round here.”

An incredible segway out of the first chorus into the second verse then pulls you into vivid descriptions of the type of girl that she is, and you can feel the mood in his voice change to a smile as he sings of her being the type that knows every country road, goes to church on Sunday, is a little bit of Bible with a touch of wild, etc.

Ultimately, this is a song about discovering where you belong and who you belong with. In very clever ways, though, Brendyn Kyle uses vagueness in certain descriptions – such as when he really never says where “’round here” is - which makes it become anywhere USA.

Because of these certain instances, and the ultra-relatable nature of the topic wrapping around a mid-tempo groove, “Raised Up ‘Round Here” carries a strong connectibility factor with it, and that is exactly what should make this song strike a chord with the listener and land him on the Texas chart.

(Review Written by: Jeffrey Kurtis) Today's Country Magazine

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